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Member(s) refers to you, the paying member using the PeakArtist website. PeakArtist refers to the website service owned and run by PeakArtist.co.uk.

The Service

PeakArtist provides members with their own website and a Content Management System (CMS) for editing the website if that option has been purchased. The website is hosted by PeakArtist and access to edit member's websites is available via the CMS, or PeakArtist can be commissioned to undertake any changes.

Changes to the website via CMS are restricted to only those changes possible with the CMS. Additional features and pages can be requested by members for their website. PeakArtist can make these changes at the rates shown on the costs page and where possible make these new pages editable on the CMS.

A requirement for use of Our Service for the majority is an internet connection and any modern internet browser. A very small percentage of users may find that some non-essential features of the service will not operate with their web browser, due to the differences in all versions of all internet browsers, we cannot ensure complete compatibility. We recommend users upgrade to the latest versions of their software to take advantage of the full service, in particular we recommend Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Windows 9 or above or Safari.


PeakArtist internet web services are normally available Monday - Friday, 9am - 5.30pm not including national holidays. Occasionally routine maintenance and upgrades will need to be performed and for brief periods the service will be unavailable. Where possible these periods will be scheduled for times of low usage so as to minimize any disruption. Please note we cannot accept responsibility for any member's loss due to the service being unavailable for the above reason or any other reason causing disruption.


All fees are payable in advance via cheque or bank transfer, any annual fees must be paid within 30 days of the date of the invoice.

Modification of Terms

PeakArtist may at any time modify the terms and conditions of this service by notifying the Member through e-mail or other methods of communication. If any modification is unacceptable to the Member, the member may terminate this Agreement. The Member's continuing participation in PeakArtist service after said notification will signify an agreement to the modification of the terms and conditions of services.

Membership Criteria

PeakArtist may accept individual Members at its sole discretion.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold PeakArtist, its agents, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, and applicable third parties (e.g. relevant advertisers, syndication partners, licensors, licensees, consultants and contractors) (collectively "Indemnified Person(s)") harmless from and against any and all third party claims, liability, loss, and expense (including damage awards, settlement amounts, and reasonable legal fees), brought against any Indemnified Person(s), arising out of, related to or which may arise from your use of the PeakArtist, and/or your breach of any term of this Agreement.

Domain Names

Members may choose to have an PeakArtist sub-domain (i.e. MembersName.PeakArtist.co.uk) or any other domain of their choice (i.e. MembersDomainName.co.uk).

Please note, sub-domain are provided free of charge, if we are registering any other domain name on your behalf, you cannot change the domain name once you have confirmed your choice with us. If you have made a mistake you must pay a surcharge for registering an additional domain.

Domain Name Transfer

You can transfer ownership of the domain (YourDomainName.co.uk) for your site after canceling your service.

If you wish to transfer the domain to your new registrar at any other time, you will need to request the transfer with your new registrar; we will authorize the transfer without charge. Depending on your new registrar, this should normally be a fairly simple process, however we cannot accept responsibility for the success of the transfer once we have authorized the transfer request.



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